Resilience Communications & Consulting, LLC

Resilience Communications helps academic institutions, governmental agencies and non-profit entities to support water resource protection and climate change adaptation efforts. Based in New York State’s Hudson Valley, the firm takes a creative approach to communicating about scientific issues in ways that emphasize solutions and inspire collaboration.

Resilience is often defined as the ability to “bounce back” from disturbance. Our firm embraces the “bounce forward” approach to resilience. We emphasize the need to assist communities in improving quality of life for all residents now, as well as in the future. Resilience Communications collaborates with partners to strive toward effective and equitable approaches to flooding and other climate related risks, emphasizing nature-based solutions that improve conditions for human and natural communities.


Research & Synthesis

Experienced in researching issues related to watershed protection, aquatic ecology, climate change and other scientific topics. Resulting information is presented in an organized framework and communicated in clear, concise language that ensures audience comprehension.

Content Creation

The firm specializes in producing content that delivers scientific information in a straightforward and engaging manner. Products range from written and graphic materials, to websites, to audio pieces and podcasts. We work with clients to find the compelling stories that deliver key messages effectively.

Outreach & Education

Twenty years of experience in development and delivery of educational campaigns on natural resource topics. From curriculum development to project management, we help you reach audiences with educational experiences that illuminate the issues and inspire collective action.

Project Examples

Ulster County Climate Vulnerability Toolkit

Produce components of an online toolkit that guides Ulster County local municipalities in completing a climate vulnerability assessment using an ArcGIS interactive map developed by the Ulster County Department of the Environment.

SUNY ESF Project Breathless

Create a website, exhibits and Cod Songs project for SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry‘s Project Breathless, which researches the impacts of low-oxygen aquatic “dead zones” on fishes in the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Lake Erie.

Cornell Climate-adaptive Design studio

Develop booklets, web content and exhibitions featuring student work from the Climate-adaptive Design studio, a semester-long Cornell University landscape architecture course that engages Hudson River communities in exploring on climate risks to their waterfronts.

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